Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marigolds and Sungolds

Sun crests over the ridgeline flashing her first rays onto fiery marigold and tangy sweet sungold tomato. I eat breakfast in this garden. Vitamin C is mine in the sumptous brust of flavor the cherry tomato offers. Our season is marginal for tomatoes without extra care. The small fruits of cherry tomato ripen easily and are wonderful to dry. I add them into soups and stews in the winter or eat them alone, remembering the unique fragrance of tomato leaf and the near stink of the marigolds of summer!

I relish fall. The bounty of the earth is everywhere. I do have a rather conventional planted garden. I also harvest from an unconventional garden: the wilds around my home. This morning I found a new patch of elderberry. I gratefully snap a few fruited heads. They are hanging now in my window to dry. Brewed into a tea they are an excellent immune system booster in the colder months.

Today I walked with a deep prayer for peace. I say prayer but what kept coming through my heart and head was song. A smiling song of happiness received while walking in the wilderness. I felt this song with a deep sense of peace and then hoped this could be felt by all. Grateful for the gift of peaceful feeling. 

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