Monday, August 25, 2014

Wilderness workout without a gym.

My day has been a weird ( or maybe a perfect contrast?) mix of working on web site development and then going out into the forest and working to collect firewood with three burly men. I haul the rounds I can carry as they chainsaw and do what I can not. We are working on a MASSIVE (four foot diameter) madrone which died a few years ago. Then we haul them, load by load, back to my driveway (no cement involved here...think wide expanse of gravelly terrain underneath oak trees.....and use a wood splitter to break the VERY large pieces into useable sizes for my wood only winter heat....I was accidentally mauled by a loose round that crashed in to my hand and THANKFULLY did not break anything....leaving only a large swelling, a mashed skin site and blood....and this is when I remind myself that I have well earned my wilderness woman badge....because I kept working for another three hours THEN came in to ICE it. Oh did that feel good! And now the treat of hanging around with friends just making silly talk after all the hard work. LIFE! it is so rich and varied out in the wilds.

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