Sunday, March 6, 2011

Frog Song

The crack in the window allows the storm fresh air in along with frog song loud enough to fill my ears  blocking out anything else. I went down to the edge of the pond on Sydney's suggestion. It's like standing at the edge of the stage at a concert. The different members of the orchestra can be heard with more discernment. I can tell when a note pops from the front edge of the water or from further away. Here inside the house the frogs are so loud that the concert comes through the windows and my friends on the phone can hear them! The frogs are loudest at night. I sit on top of the old row boat turned upside down. Outside in the dark it is hearing that takes the lead. Scent of the pond light. The brush of breeze on the face. This storm is warmer. No snow. All the snow has melted now.

I spent a lot of time in with the goats today. When I went outside this morning to check on animals Latifa did not want to eat her grain. Not good. In and out of the goat stall many times and many remedies later I think she might be trending in a better direction. We will see. She was fine yesterday. Main symptoms? She does not want to leave the stall much and she stretches her hind legs out behind her often, elongating her back it seems. I have learned in all the time with goats that when the darkness falls it is Mr. Peanut who snores and nods off first. His sister curls and sleeps quietly nearby. Tinkerbelle still has her nose in the hay. Luna walks to the edges of the sleeping herd and sniffs around. Flora is now in the kidding stall. Her very tiny shape and a 'maybe bulge' makes me think she is not pregnant, but her overall irritability and not wanting to be touched (uncharacteristic) make me think she is a tiny momma to be. I take precautions and give her all the minerals and TLC I offered to Latifa a few weeks ago. Another baby? I'd better start knitting again! One of the two coats I knit has been lost in the bramble. The other Luna still wears. She is growing so fast it might not be for too much longer. Luna is out of newborn and solidly in toddler heading rapidly for little kid.

Sydney has invented a game with Luna, a hide and seek where they run figure eights around the big fir trees in the pen and chase each other. They are fun to watch! A surprise visit today from a delightful family brought Luna out of the stall where mama recovers to romp with  Sadie and Aurora. It seems that young children and goat kids are natural pairs. Luna called to Sadie as they chased each other around. Fun for both all. Aurora is a natural with animals, finding good treats of fir tips to offer Latifa and Flora.

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