Thursday, March 10, 2011

More about Violets

How can the beauty of a violet be ignored? Even more so does love blossom for this delicate low growing treasure when one whiff of her fragrance is caught. A week ago a friend had a birthday and asked me to make a carrot cake. The white cream cheese icing just seemed to call for more decoration. I went out in the snow and found a little patch that had not been covered. These beauties are small. To gather them takes time. It takes dozens to make an impact. Fortunately these lovelies are profuse. It was satisfying to watch guests at the party dip their noses into the flowers tucked into the icing, inhaling deeply of her perfume.

I will admit I have spent a little bit of time on my hands and knees, on my belly, taking photos of these wonderful gifts from the earth. I fantasize an entire lawn filled with them. I am motivated to this fantasy by a lovely woman, Sis Moss, who passed away at nearly ninety. She gave me some of the violets that now fill my secret garden. Her lawn is filled with them. So romantic. I am satisfied with a small garden where the violets have happily scattered themselves everywhere underfoot in shades of purple, violet and white. Between the violets and the frog song I think I live in a slice of heaven on earth.

As spring progresses the wildflowers just get better and better. I have already spied the first Shooting Stars and Indian Paintbrush at lower elevations. They will appear here in another two weeks as this little micro-climate is colder than that in the valley below. Ever unfolding beauty.

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