Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Orange Crowned Warbler

I was heading outside (so glad I grabbed the camera!) to watch the thunderheads tell stories. I heard the tap on the window and the white cat jumped off the chair at the sound. I found this little being on the deck. It let me hold it for 15 minutes, standing in my hand before hopping up onto my sleeve and then to my heart and eventually my shoulder before it flew away. What joy to have extended time to marvel at the delicacy of the eye lash feathers, the chartreuse of the body mingling into a soft milk chocolate brown. As we sat together the entire forest was alive with bird symphony. Everyone calling from raven to red wing blackbird. I love when the jays do the call that sounds like bushmen speaking. When the wind added a soft lullaby through the trees I wondered if life could be any sweeter. I watched the small head follow the song. Is it listening for it's kin? I imagined breathing all the love of the forest to this gem, wanting it to fly to whoever might be waiting for the return. I am so very grateful it did recover and fly away, leaving me with a sense of magical encounter.

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  1. Found this to go with your sweet story.