Friday, February 18, 2011

Awaken to Silent Beauty

A Full Moon shone through the departing clouds last night illuminating snowy meadow creating surreal landscape. No power this morning and a silence deeper than usual. Stillness. I walked on snowshoes on top of a foot of snow before the sun was up. I feel I am somewhere else in time. Alone, quiet, carless, powerless surrounded by astonishing beauty. The snow is so transitory here that it is delightful rather than onerous. Clumps of snow release from branches once sun hits. Suddenly the giant old fir outside the house drops a large branch. The dogs run barking to investigate. Goats browse from branches hung low with snow and Latifa takes a little walk outside of the kidding stall leaving me with her baby. These rare few hours of total detachment from the way the world works is an oasis.

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