Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Bumps Along the Way

It can be challenging to capture the stunning beauty of snow fall with a camera, but then I am not a professional but an enthusiastic amateur. The willows were particularly striking against the vivd blue of a break in the storm. Each little node just budding out was a landing spot for the super soft light snow that fell. There are little bumps in the life of goat watching too. Several months were spent making progress creating new goat pastures fenced carefully. Who knew (obviously not me) that baby goats would simply jump through those holes in the fencing perfectly sized for goat exploration. Oh! I guess I could say at this point that baby girl goat is now officially named. Fittingly it seems as she was born on a full moon. Luna. Latifa and Luna. I like it. When I had first thought to call baby goat "Brownie" I told Frannie (who calls herself infamous for my quoting of her in the blog), Frannie said ( and you have to know her and understand that she has the most loving heart and a total sense of honesty), anyway she said  "That's terrible." I had felt it too so a certain relief came with her candidness. I appreciate that quality in a friend very much.

Yesterday I was going about my work and heard frantic Luna calls. Sydney was coming in from the pasture as I was going out to explore. "Luna is on one side of the creek and Latifa is on the other. They'll figure it out." Being a new goat grannie (another terrible name) I could not quite let it rest so I went out a little later with my big boots to see exactly what was happening. Another thing to learn: goats are definitely curious. And the pasture is full of thickets of blackberry caves along with some open grass land. the goats are tunneling through the blackberry and there is Luna in the middle of it with her little sweater stuck on the thorns. I thought I was sore last night from a wonderful wellness class workout but I suspect that it was more from hiking over and under and through those blackberry canes that left thorns in my hair, my boots and all manner of scratches everywhere else. I carried Luna out of the thicket and back to the safety of the smaller penned area. Now I can rest. For a moment anyway. New work to be done figuring out baby proofing the fencing. Lessons learned. I rather like that I do not have it all figured out.

Luna is quite friendly. She will hop up onto my lap and lean into the body scratches she has grown to love. She also puts her head into my hand indicating the desire for a head scratch too. Warm Velvet Softness. That's the feeling.

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