Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow Adventures

The snow continues. A foot has accumulated now. Latifa and Baby are getting along. Baby is beginning to kick up her heels then fall over because she is still wobbly. I enjoy these early newborn days in the kidding stall. Latifa likes to come snuggle up next to me when I visit. The way it works is wonderful. The night Latifa gave birth was the night I had the Net Flix movie The Business of Being Born. Great documentary. How appropriate it was to be reminded of the work of a doula. I can now say that among the many other things I have done at Quail Meadows over the years as 'firsts' I am now a goat doula. I like to think I am an honorary goat but I am not sure the goats would go so far.

As the snow continues to pile up I begin to get a little cabin fever so I decide to take the Geo Metro to town and mail a package and get mail. My neighbor Phil said he wasn't so sure I could do it in a car without 4 wheel drive. When I called him later to report that I made it down the hill he raved about the amazing little car. Not so fast. Coming up the hill was another story. At that point I became convinced that the Geo is a soda pop can with wheels. I slid around and carefully picked my way back down to a safe spot in the road where I parked the car. I began the one mile walk up the road to my driveway. As I was walking another neighbor drove by. I waved. He waved and continued on. I guess I could have flagged him down but the walk was so beautiful and good for me and he does not drive a tow truck. I am currently car-less but where would I go anyway but back out to the goat stall to check on the baby and momma?

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